Dear Friends, Clients and fellow business owners,

During this crisis, we are seeing more and more businesses going into self quarantines and it is becoming more apparent that we are heading to a complete mandatory quarantine for everyone in the very near future. As this happens, many businesses are choosing to stay operational by having employees work from home using remote access technologies. While many businesses already have the technologies and knowledge in place for this, many others do not. If you need assistance with putting the proper measures in place, we ask that you call us and allow us to assist you. We will assist all businesses, clients and non-clients, with this.

We urge all businesses who are asking employees to log in remotely to issue them work computers to be used to access your business networks. Home computers that are not under professional support may not be up-to-date with patches and security software and may pose significant security threats to your data and network infrastructure. At a minimum, you should ensure that any computer that will connect to your network has all Microsoft patches applied and have valid, up-to-date antivirus software running with real time scanning. We also recommend making a complete back up of your current data and storing that off-line in case your data becomes compromised. Should you need assistance with these measures, please call our offices and we will assist you. We can do these things using our secure remote access servers, even if you are not already a client.

At this time, GenTech is maintaining operations to assist clients with their technology needs and to put the necessary remote access technologies in place. Effective Friday, March 20th, will start limiting on-site work to contract clients only, but will continue to provide remote services to all clients. Should a mandatory quarantine be ordered, our Network Operations staff is prepared to continue to work remotely to provide support services as needed. Additionally, we will continue to perform all monitoring and maintenance services, including antivirus, back-up and security services for our contract clients.

Should your business need assistance with remote access or any other technology issue during these times, please call our offices (609-890-2522) to request support.

From myself and the entire GenTech team, we wish you all well and hope that you stay safe.


Dom Gennello

GenTech Systems Managment
200 Whitehead Rd, Suite 218